Unable to place Logic Node

Unable to drop logic node with a slider and graph in the space

using Iphone XR
Toolbox 0.1 Build 1

Confirmed am in linking mode and have tied quickly dragging from pocket as well as hold and drag from pocket

Hi @ZachReeder – welcome to the forum and thanks for reporting this bug!

Was there at least one tool visible on the screen when you tried dragging the logic node from the pocket? Logic nodes get attached to tools, so if there are no tools available it will prevent you from creating one while dragging.

For now, I’ve created an issue on GitHub to track this.

Hi Ben,

I had a graph and vertical slider on the screen

Ok, thanks for confirming that. I’ll see if I can replicate it and fix it.

just updating: Was able to test today with an Iphone 11 and place a logic node, still no luck with our Iphone XR

@ben, was able to resolve. I think the problem was from the OS being a bit outdated. the Iphone XR was on iOS 13.1, after updating to iOS 13.4 the logic node worked fine

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@ZachReeder wonderful that it worked out. Still, we need to look into this. We should be backward compatible with all iOS versions back to 12.0.

Agreed, thanks for testing this out more!

That extra piece of information helped me remember that a certain version of iOS 13 changed some behavior with how webkit (iOS’s web engine that we use in our app) handles the touch events used to create logic nodes.

I introduced a fix back in February but it sounds like it doesn’t work for iOS 13.1. We can look into this more to ensure compatibility with all versions of iOS >= 12.