Spatial Toolbox and IOS 14

Hi all!

I recently updated my iPhone to IOS 14 and was trying to use the Spatial Toolbox but got the Error “The operation couldn’t be completed. (vuforia_sample_application error 120.)”. Do you happen to know how to fix this issue? I have tried to delete the app and reinstall it but it did not seem to fix it. Thank you!

Hi @Emun13,
The issue is known and fixed. We are waiting for the App store to approve our update.

you should find a fix for this issue with the just released update v1.2.4.

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@valentin I think there may still be a bug. I am able to open the app but now it will not connect with any of the image targets that I have made previously for the SPIKE Prime robot. I am not sure if it is just my app or if other users are having this issue too. It seems to be working fine on the older IOS devices but not on my updated Iphone.

Hi @Emun13 iOS 14 has a new security feature that requires you to grant local network access to each app that requires it.
Usually that message shows up when you open the app the first time. If you push the wrong button, the Toolbox will not connect to any local server. You can change the setting in settings > toolbox > Local Network. Can you make sure that you granted access for the local network and try it again?

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Hi @valentin, yes that seemed to work! It was already toggled on but I toggled it off and then back on and it was successful. Thanks so much!

Hi @valentin @ben! I was working more with the Spatial Toolbox on the new iOS and realized that the visualization for tools being connected is not being shown. I can connect two tools together such as a slider and graph however, the dots are not being shown like how they used to be (the data flow does not appear).

I opened a new issue in github: