Spatial Toolbox v1.2.0 & Edge Server v3.2.0

Spatial Toolbox v1.2.0

New Features:

  • iPad support
  • Spatial Question Services
  • Anchor Objects
  • Improved Found Objects Menu UI
  • Vuforia Engine v9.1 support
  • Vuforia Engine Model Target support


  • Fixes bug when trying to delete a spatial envelope with tools inside it.
  • Fixes the ground plane origin to snap to the world object origin if one is detected.

Spatial Edge Server v3.2.0

New Features:

  • Stand-alone server application binary for Mac (includes Basic, Robotic and Core Addons)
  • Spatial Question UI
  • Log Recorder
  • Anchor Object support
  • Improved visual feedback on the web interface when uploading targets to objects