Object Discovery failed IPadOS14


I am relatively new to working with the Spatial toolbox, i use the it for my semester-project and due to the “inconsistent connection” i have a lot of troubles. (I’m using my Ipad 2020 Pro11’ and the newest version of the Spatial toolbox App).

I followed the tutorials from the Getting Started and managed to create the “RandomColor” Object and it works, kinda… (I see it in the “Spatial Tools” List and managed to test it a few weeks ago).

However, it seems to me that the connection between the server and the Ipad is not very reliable. Somehow i see every Object in the “Found Object” Section in Settings, but the Widget does not show in the pocket. (But it did a few weeks ago).

I put the correct Server IP in the “Develop” Section and the “Found Servers” Section lists my Server.

I have no errors but i have a warning:

I installed the Spatial Edge Server on Windows 10, Ubuntu 18.0.4LTS and my RaspberryPI and the troubles exist on every platform.

I have de- and reinstalled the Toolbox App multiple times (sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t), I have restarted the server multiple times but i can not get it to work.

Does anyone have an idea what could be wrong. I cannot continue my project if this does not work reliably.

Update 09.Nov.2020:
I had no problems yesterday, everthing worked, was recognized/found from the App and today 9.11.2020 Not a single Object is in the Pocket (However under Settings -> Found Objects everything is listed, but its not in the “Pocket”). I have no error messages in the console.



Hi @MattMat you don’t have to add any IP in the Toolbox. Your Edge Server and the iPad need to be in the same local network. If that is the case, the Toolbox will auto-discover the edge server. I believe your problems originate from that step.

One other thing to note is that if you’ve added new tools to your server through the tutorials, you’ll only see those tools show up in the pocket in your app if the phone is pointed at an object hosted by that server. Other than the pre-built set of core tools that your app comes with, all other tools exist on the server (in add-ons), not in the app itself. Only by looking at an object (e.g. an image target) does your app’s pocket update to show you which custom tools can be attached to this object.

Hi @valentin. The app does not find the server automaticaly without an IP adress set.

Hi @ben wow. I think, that was the solution.

Thanks guys

@MattMat that is very good to know. I thought the discovery server mechanism was broken. Usually the default auto discovery mechanism is the care free solution. However if you are in a Cooperate or University network UDP broadcasting is usually blocked. That is needed for the auto discovery mechanism to work. You can use the discovery server mechanism in such networks to directly connect to a server via TCP/IP.

This seems like a UI problem that we could make less confusing. I’m sure more people will run into the same issue.

I think we could give some better visual feedback in the app to show which tools you can currently add vs which tools you need to look at another object in order to add. Maybe something like organizing the pocket into sections based on which add-on or server the tools belong to?

Hi Ben,
Yes, my first thought was that the App isn’t working and not that i need to do something different.

Another structure and/or labels next to the “name of the organized Pocket” which describe the dependency of the widgets would be nice.

I have to admit that the tutorial mentions “world objects” (which are the reason for my troubles) and that the Objects are bound to this “world”. I simply overread it. Maybe this should be stated a little bit clearer.