Camera Issue with Spatial Toolbox App on iPad Air 2 iOS 14.2

I recently started to work with vuforia spatial toolbox. Currently I am having the issue that the App on my iPad can not connect with the camera. I just have a grey screen (in which i can place tools etc). I triple checked the Apps permission and everything seems to be fine. I updated the iOS version from 13.5 to 14.2 and for both versions it did not work. I reinstalled the App mutliple times but still. Somehow it worked on an iPad Pro but i can only have the iPad Air 2 all the time to work with it. Is there a known issue with certain iPads or anything else i could try?


Welcome to the forum, @SidneyFielitz!

I unfortunately only have an iPad Pro to test with. I just confirmed that it works with both iOS 13.5 and 14.2 on my device model. I’m not sure why the iPad Air would be performing differently but perhaps another community member can test if the bug you are experiencing is consistent with that device model.

I do run into this issue when I don’t give the app the correct camera permissions, but you mentioned that you’ve already checked that.

For now, I’ll track this issue on GitHub and let you know if we make any progress.

@SidneyFielitz Can you check if the following test-flight beta works for you.
It comes with a Vuforia Engine update.