Tools wont stick to my space
I’m trying to go through the initial tutorial to place objects, but nothing stays in place. If I move my iPad Pro (late 2019 11", iPad OS 13.3.1) even slightly, the objects seem to float all over the place. I also can’t seem to tap on objects consistently to move or interact with them.

Hi @jake-ptc – welcome to the forum! Thanks for reporting this issue! In the short term, we’ve been prioritizing performance on iPhone devices rather than iPads, and it seems to have led to some issues like this on iPad devices. Due to the stay-at-home situation our team won’t have iPads to develop with until next week, so I won’t be able to resolve this until then.

The first release of the app will be targeted for iPhones, which don’t experience this problem.

I’ll let you know when there is progress on this!

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@jake-ptc Version 1.0 in the app store is focused on iPhones. For the next version we will fix this bug, and we are also looking into the android release.

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