Tools move around with phone

When I add tools to the environment, they move around. I tried a few different image targets with the same result. This was taken with an iPhone XS OS 13. Any ideas on how to fix this?


Hi @ptc-pz Can you share a video that shows a bit more detail? Its hard to understand whats happening just from a gif animation.

Hi Valentin – here’s a longer video:

This happens as soon as the experience starts; as I move the phone, the tools move around as if they are on a different plane than the plane of the wall that the image target is on.

Thanks for your help!

Can you move your phone around so that it shows the scene in profile from the side and back to front view. Moving the phone to different perspectives helps us to understand this better. I feel like this has something to do with how the target size for the instant image targets is calculated.

Can you try using the image target generation process via the vuforia developer portal? It generates better image targets results compared to the instant image target. Be precise in the size of your target.

Here’s another video:

This is using the same image but the target was created with the vuforia developer target generation process ( – very helpful instructions!

It seems that the tools are placed on the plane that the phone is on when I add them instead of the plane that the image is on.

Thank you for sharing the updated video. It looks like everything works perfectly.

When you add a new tool into the world, it is placed in space around 1 food in front of you. It never snaps to a plane.

It will attach to the closest track able item. That can be a tracked object, anchored object or if no object is visible, it will attach to the world.

If you want to make the tool match the plane of your image target, you need to:

  1. Drop it on your image target with your phone being one food away from the image target.


  1. Touch and hold your finger on the tool until it becomes moveable. Then walk to your image target and drop the tool when your phone is one food away. You can do the action that you did in the video to see how far away your tool is from the target plane.

Great, that works, thank you!