Area Targets: local vs World relocalization issue


I played some more with Area Targets targets this week-end, and while using the “World Object” mode seems the best workflow, I’m experiencing relocalization issues with this: drift appears while I move from my starting point while adding new objects around in the space, and if I restart the app, the whole environement is rotated+offset if I don’t start the app from the exact same manner as when I started adding content in the first place. As if relocalization wasn’t happening. No way to fix that while moving around, as if the AT wasn’t being scanned/detected.

If I use the AT as local object, I don’t see such a behaviour: relocalization happens as expected and drift is corrected correctly. I can initialize the app from anywhere in the space and see correct position for my augmentations.

Double-checked that my AT works properly in the AT Test App from the developer portal.

Hi @ptc-fgermain,
Currently the world targets are used for two things:

  1. relocate a reliable ground-plane. The ground-plane of your phone will snape to the coordinate system from your world object. Therefore you should make sure that the world object origin is on the floor.
  2. Tools that are dropped into the world, without you seeing an object, will attach to the world. Currently there is a debugging behavior implemented that will place tools in the world no matter if you see your world object or not. This might lead to your described behavior.
  • The re-localization from object that have targets is currently not supported. You have to be in a fair distance to see the targets.

We are currently implementing world anchored Objects. I believe you will see improvements. However, Do you see your problem reflected in the above?

Hi @valentin

Thanks for the details. It may explains my issue for some part, but there are still a few things in the AT behaviour that I do not understand, depending if they are attached as targets to local or world object.

  • if the AT is used with a World object, if I start the app from another room, the tools are not placed where they were placed, even tho they are attached to the World object in the “Object founds”.
    In this case, if I activate “Requires World Localization”, the World Object with the AT target is not found and nothing shows up.

  • if the AT is used with a Local object, I can “relocalize” from a different room : if I then walk back to where I placed my tools, they are at the right place (or will “snap back” if there is some drift). Tools are also attached to my Local object with AT target, in this case.
    With “Requires World Lovalization” enabled, it still works.

So it seems to me that the Local Object with AT Target works perfectly and I should/could use that for the moment ?

We will look more into it and with the next update you will find world anchored objects and in general an improvement with the world objects being area targets.

Tracking this issue here:

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