Not able to create World Object without Target

Hi all,

I just went through this document. It is mentioned that world object doesn’t require a target, but when I try to create world object it requires target to enable it. Is that a bug with server or mistake in documentation or issue with server configuration.

PFA image for reference

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Velkumar R

Hi @velkumar10, thanks for bringing this to our attention. That is a mistake in the documentation.

In previous versions, world objects did not require an origin target, but we decided to change that in the latest version. Attaching a world to a target that is fixed in place (for example, a photo of a piece of art hanging on your wall that will never move, or a Vuforia Area Target of a building interior) ensures that when you close and re-open the app again, everything will remember its relative location in the world (relative to that fixed target).

I will update the documentation to reflect this.