AFNetworking library not loaded

When installing the Vuforia Spatial Toolbox for iOS from Xcode 11.3.1, the app crashes on my iPhone 11 pro with iOS 13.3.1.
The app installs and when running, it crashes and I get the following errors:

**dyld: Library not loaded: @rpath/AFNetworking.framework/AFNetworking**

**Referenced from: xxx/Vuforia Spatial Toolbox**

**Reason: no suitable image found. Did find:**

**AFNetworking: code signature invalid for xxx**

This does not happen when installing the app on an iPhone X with iOS 12.0. In this case, the app installs and runs correctly from the same Xcode project.

If anyone knows what could be going on, let me know

@anna did we got this resolved?

not yet. I am working with the iPhone X with iOS 12.0.
My guess is this is related to the # of devices allowed by the provisioning profile