Custom Tools/Blocks Not Showing Up

I’ve been trying to use my custom tools and blocks that I’ve made in the app, but whenever I go to the pocket, I only see the default ones within the app. I’m noticing that I can see my custom tools when I hover over an image target, but is there anyway to get them to show up without hovering over the image target? I’m also running into the issue where I can’t drag out a logic block unless I’m hovering over an image target as well.

Hi @CarterWS, since tools and blocks get loaded and executed on the edge server that has the addon, they only become available if there is some object from that server that they can “stick” to.

One thing you can do is create a “World Object” and attach an image target to it, and then make sure to scan that image when you open your app. This will load in an invisible object that “blankets” the space and acts as a backup if you aren’t looking at any targets for other objects – so you’ll see your custom tools and blocks all the time.

With regard to dragging out a logic node when you’re not looking at an image target – all nodes need to belong to a tool, so if there are no tools in view (which might happen if there are no objects in view) then the logic node won’t be able to be added until you first add a tool.

I’m trying to brainstorm better ways to visually communicate these nuances. Let me know if you have any ideas on making it less confusing!