Every tool has exact same mystery content (help!)

Nothing fancy - just following the PTC tutorial for installing the Vuforia Spatial Edge Server and getting the first object, target, and tool loaded. I’m talking about the tutorial with the Fahrenheit 451 book cover from the PTC site. Windows 10 Thinkpad laptop.

Server installed, no problem. Core addon installed no problem. Interface pulls up at http://localhost:8080, no problem. Can add an object and successfully load a target jpg, and it shows the right jpg and a successful load of target.

Problem: every tool I add, no matter the name, no matter how many times I reboot, has the same content: bird.png and index.html. You can’t delete either. If you click on either under ‘content’, they’re actually the same thing (the blue cross-hair from the tutorial). Maybe that’s all okay, I don’t know.

The real issue is nothing shows up in the Spatial Toolbox app on my phone for any target image. Nothing shows under ‘settings’ on the app as a found object. Same wifi, tried three different wifi’s actually. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

Hi @bennudriti, thanks for writing up such a complete description of what’s happening.

Good to hear that the server is up and running, and you were able to create the object and attach the target image.

With regard to every tool showing the same contents (index.html and bird.png) – that is normal for tools added via the localhost:8080 web interface. Tools added this way are considered “custom” in that they generate with these default contents and you need to manually customize the index.html in your ~/Documents/spatialToolbox/ directory if you want them to have a different appearance.

I’m curious, did it seem like adding a tool with the same name as one of the tools in the “Spatial Tools” tab would have the contents of that tool? (For example, if you named it “buttonOff” it would be the off button tool) We didn’t design the web interface to work that way, but it could make sense. Currently, the only way to add one of the non-custom tools (like the on/off buttons) is to point the app at the object target and add the tool from the app’s “pocket” menu. But if your app isn’t working, as you said, then you won’t be able to add these tools.

I’m not sure why you aren’t seeing the object in your app’s Found Objects. Typically it’s because you aren’t on the right WiFi network, or if your WiFi network doesn’t support UDP multicasts (these are used for apps and servers to auto-discover one another within the same network).

One thing you can try, which is an experimental feature that I can’t guarantee will work, is to manually type the IP of the server you are trying to connect to into the “Discovery Server” field in the “Develop” sub-menu within the app. I’ve attached a screenshot with my server IP. When you toggle this setting on, it will ping that server and try to load the objects from it. Check if any objects appear in the Found Objects menu afterwards (might require an app restart after toggling it on).

I really appreciate the thoughtful and timely response, Ben. Thanks for getting back to me. I’ll give your suggestion a shot.