When I upload the ZIP for an Object target nothing happens

I can see in the terminal window that it finds and extracts the contents of the zip, but nothing changes in the edge server dashboard.

You can see what’s happening behind the scenes by looking at your local filesystem. Your objects and their target data get stored in your ~/Documents/realityobjects directory (this’ll be automatically generated when you run the Spatial Edge Server).

Inside that, open up the directory with the name of the object you are trying to upload the zip to. A fully initialized object will have a directory for each custom tool you add to it, as well as a hidden folder called .identity. You may have to change some settings to see this folder.

.identity contains metadata about the object in the object.json file, and should have a target directory with the contents of the zip file or jpg images that you drop on the Drop Zone.

When you uploaded your zip, something may have been formatted incorrectly that caused it to unpack into this structure incorrectly. You may be able to fix it by manually moving around the files so that you have a target.dat, target.jpg, and target.xml in the target directory of your object, and then restarting the server.

I can update the website with some of these troubleshooting tips, although I’d love to understand what the root problem is so that users don’t need to troubleshoot.

@jake-ptc have you uploaded the zip and an image? Only after both files are uploaded your object is live.

I think my issue is that I interpreted “Add Object” as the ability to use a model target - which is what i tried to upload, and now realize isn’t supported.
It’d be helpful to have an error message in the edge server dashboard if it recognizes an unsupported target type.

Ok, that makes sense. I’m currently working on supporting Area Targets, and supporting Model Targets is in our roadmap also, but at the moment we only support Image Targets, Object Targets made with the Vuforia Object Scanner app, and ground plane / space tracking.

Showing an error message on the edge server dashboard is a good idea :+1:

I’ve filed https://github.com/ptcrealitylab/vuforia-spatial-edge-server/issues/123 for tracking this improvement

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This has been resolved with additional feedback on the server interface. With the latest version, you will see a variety of error messages at the top of the screen when something fails behind-the-scenes. Thanks @jake-ptc for suggesting this improvement! This will be improved even more in the near future.

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Thank you @ben for adding green messages that provide more positive feedback in the server user interface. @jake-ptc let us know if all of these additions provide you with the right kind of visual feedback.