Issue in VST 1.2.3 in iPhone XR...Hangs frequently

I am facing issue in the app installed …it hangs very frequently and i have to restart every time to use it again. Is it known a issue ? I tried re-installing once but still same issue. My phone is brand new iPhone XR. Please advise. Thanks

Hi Abdulla, we are currently working on optimizing the app so that it runs more smoothly. Can you give some more details about what conditions usually cause the app to hang? How many object, tools, and nodes do you have loaded into the scene?

Hi Ben,

When I navigate between options add tools, connect them and change some settings and return.

It hangs when phone gets locked and when I unlock, the tools in pocket go empty, connection does not work/disappear.

it does not allow me to exit as with other apps. I am not sure if these issues are with me alone

Oh ok, I think I understand – when you lock/unlock your phone or switch to another app it seems that the AR tracking capabilities get frozen. I’ll look into properly restoring the AR tracker when the app resumes from a paused state.

I’ve made sure this bug is in our issue tracker: