How do I spin both wheels of Lego Boost using LegoHub?

Hello community!

I’ve successfully set up Vuforia Spatial Edge Server and also added vuforia-spatial-basic-interfaces-addon to connect to my Lego Boost in the real world.
After turning on LegoHub in Manage Hardware Interfaces, legoHub_1 Object was added to Object Configuration tab in Vuforia Spatial Edge Server.
Then, I’ve added a slider in Vuforia Spatial Toolbox and connected it to a node of Motor(s) but somehow I was only able to control right wheel of lego boost, as seen in the movie below.

How do I control both wheels?


@Takaaki we will look into it

Hi @Takaaki!
I have opened a new issue and I am looking into this:

@Takaaki I have fixed and closed the issue.
If you update your vuforia-spatial-basic-interfaces-addon repo, you can try with all the motors.

Let me know if that works.

@Takaaki I was watching your video to work with spinning the motors directly from the Spacial toolbox and I was wondering how you were able to connect the motor node/find the node in the app or on the server. I wasn’t sure how to access the node.

Hi @alinashah,

Have you installed basic interface addon to your edge server? If you haven’t that’s the first thing to do and the instruction can be found in the link below.

Once installed, you’ll see LegoHub or something similar in Manage tab. Turn it On if it’s Off.

Then add your target to which motor nodes are attached to and operation was basically same as this tutorial.

It might be easier if you could post your situation here ,like how far you’ve done and what is not showing up.



@Takaaki thank you for the pictures and instructions. The issue was that the IO tool was not showing up for the LEGO Hub, but restarting the server fixed that problem for me.