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Hi Everyone,
The Spatial Toolbox shines in an industrial environment. However we are probably all at home at the moment. Thats the reason why we created the new basic addon to connect to Lego Toys, Arduino projects and Philips Hue lights. Things that you might have at home and therefore you can get started even with a crazy Virus outside.

I would love to learn what other devices do you have at home and you want to connect to the Spatial Toolbox? Just post these ideas in this Topic and we will figure out how we can help to make it possible.


I just got an AxiDraw and I think itā€™d be super cool to connect to that. We could draw the paths for the pen using the kineticAR tool


Hey Valentin - can you post which Lego set is supported? I saw WeDo mentioned and Iā€™ve never worked with that platform.

Iā€™ve worked with the Mindstorm EV3 kit (a bit more expensive but looks like more utility):

Iā€™ve actually considered making a small factory demo w/ these parts

Currently we support Wedo 2.0 and Boost.
Next on my list is the Lego Spike education set:

We had a hardware interface for the EV3 and I can try to reactivate it as well.
I just need to find the EV3 Brick somewhere in the boxes. I hope I havenā€™t moved them all into the Lab.

Ok, EV3 and Spike are ordered. Once they are here I will start implementing adapter for both.