It's alive!

instead of reporting a bug, I thought i’d report something positive.


Got my server installed, configured, hooked up to some Hue lights.

oh, and for fun, server is running on Windows8.1 Surface Pro (2013 model).
aint going to last as there’s no way to run the lego interface on that machine, but its a start.

congrats Valentin and team on getting this going.

time to turn the lights off…


The Vuforia Area Targets probably will make the Hue Light interface super useful! That was always the one thing missing when pointing your phone at the ceiling.


that would be great. I have the entire house scanned already.

It already is! you can upload an area target to the spatial edge server the same way you can upload any other target. It’s supported since 3 days ago.

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Awesome to hear it’s working with the hue lights!

And yes, if you scroll down to the “Area Targets” section of this page, we have some instructions for attaching an area target to an object. I’ve tested the area targets with my apartment and it’s pretty cool!

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Came to check when AT will be supported inside Spatial Toolbox, left knowing I will be busy in the next few days :slight_smile:

House scanned and AT generated here :v: And Hue everywhere !