Will the motion tool work with a Mir200 or Mir500?

Will the motion tool work as is with a Mir200 or Mir500? We have a couple in our lab to play around with and just wanting to see what we can do with them (I understand the movement will probably be off due to the wheel offsets being different than the Mir100 but this at least allows us to share the concept internally)

Currently we are having difficulties with the edge server recognizing the Mir200 or 500 and updating “IsConnected” to yes

Hi Zach!

I haven’t tried the tool with an MIR200 or MIR500 but I would say it should work as they probably use the same connection and mission systems.
You will need to create a ‘move to’ mission on the robot through its own browser interface. I will add this step on the readme file, as I have realized it is not there. Thanks for asking!

The robot offset can be adjusted in the code. If you look into the file ARScene.js in:

You will see these lines of code:

/**** Adjust position to center of robot ****/

var translation = new THREE.Matrix4().makeTranslation(-250, -170,-300);

Here is where the position of the center of the MIR relative to the Vuforia Object Target is set. To have an accurate AR interface you will have to adjust this parameters in order to match your setup.
But I would suggest to focus on making the system work first and after that, adjusting the values.

The isRobotConnected flag should be set to true once the Websocket connection is successful. If the IP is set correctly, this should work. I will think about what could be happening.

Let me know of any further progress / issues and I can help more.
Good luck!