Vuforia Spatial Toolbox - Azure Kinect

Hello everyone,

I am working on the PTC Vuforia Spatial Toolbox Virtualizer (GitHub - ptcrealitylab/Vuforia-Spatial-Toolbox-Virtualizer ), with two Microsoft Azure Kinect cameras. I follow the tutorial, and I can see the rendering with the two cameras, I made the calibration but the rendering of the camera do not merge well. Did I miss something ?

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Sorry for the delay in responding! We’ve been occupied working towards some deadlines. Can you elaborate what you mean by merging well?

One thing that helps with refining calibration is manually adjusting the virtualizer objects. Since auto-calibration isn’t always perfect it’s often necessary to nudge around the scene objects’ positions until they look just right. At this point press the save calibration button on the scene object (calibrationLoaderAndSaver if I remember correctly)