Remote Operator Add-On

We have a new Add-on for the Spatial Toolbox that allows for virtual remote operations.

What you need:

  1. Azure Kinect’s and an NVidia graphics card to make it work.
  2. The Spatial Toolbox Remote Operator Add-on to extend the toolbox with required services and a desktop web browser interface: GitHub - ptcrealitylab/vuforia-spatial-remote-operator-addon
  3. The virtualizer Unity project that renders the point clouds, turns camera requests into rendered images, and sends them to the toolbox interface: GitHub - ptcrealitylab/Vuforia-Spatial-Toolbox-Virtualizer

If you want to contribute to the open-source project, we would love to make the virtualizer a bit more flexible either within Unity or using Open Frameworks.

This is an incredible addition to the Toolbox… Opens a whole new can of use cases.

Will the Remote Operator be able to add tools and logic as well, anchoring them as if he was on site ?

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@ptc-fgermain the toolbox implements the full toolbox interface. Everything you can do in the toolbox on the phone, you can do with the remote operator as well. Short: Yes!

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