Vuforia spatial edge server error 'TypeError [ERR_INVALID_ARG_TYPE]: The "path" argument must be of type string. Received type undefined

I have followed all the instructions carefully from ptcrealitylab / Vuforia-Spatial-Toolbox-Virtualizer
and installed the versions of Unity, OpenCV which were mentioned in the repo. All the installation was successful.

Problem : After starting the unity scene, the kinect DK is opening and I can see the view in the Game window but the localhost:8080 does not have the preview…

Below is the error which I am getting from the edge server console
2021-04-08T09:10:26.816Z - debug: '**** DIR: ’ ‘C:\Users\mckc\vst-edge-server’
2021-04-08T09:10:30.388Z - debug: ‘Starting the Server’
2021-04-08T09:10:30.391Z - debug: 'Initialize System: ’
2021-04-08T09:10:30.392Z - debug: ‘Loading Hardware interfaces’
2021-04-08T09:10:30.393Z - debug: ‘Done’
2021-04-08T09:10:30.395Z - debug: ‘Loading Objects’
2021-04-08T09:10:30.397Z - debug: ‘Enter loadObjects’
2021-04-08T09:10:30.398Z - debug: ‘no hidden files’
2021-04-08T09:10:30.400Z - debug: ‘hardwareInterfaces.reset calling reset callbacks’
2021-04-08T09:10:30.404Z - debug: ‘Done loading objects’
2021-04-08T09:10:30.404Z - debug: ‘Done loading world object’
2021-04-08T09:10:30.519Z - debug: ‘ started’
2021-04-08T09:10:30.522Z - debug: ‘started’
2021-04-08T09:10:30.522Z - debug: ‘ready to start internal servers’
2021-04-08T09:10:30.523Z - debug: ‘hardwareInterfaces.reset calling reset callbacks’
2021-04-08T09:10:30.523Z - debug: ‘found 0 enabled hardware interfaces’
2021-04-08T09:10:30.524Z - debug: ‘starting internal Server.’
2021-04-08T09:10:30.525Z - debug: ‘Reality Server server.js process is running with PID 15932’
2021-04-08T09:10:30.593Z - debug: ‘webserver + is listening on port’ 8080
2021-04-08T09:10:30.600Z - debug: ‘UDP listening on port: 52316’
2021-04-08T09:10:30.601Z - debug: ‘server initialized. Every initialization from now on should come from interface addons only’
2021-04-08T09:11:55.423Z - error: ‘TypeError [ERR_INVALID_ARG_TYPE]: The “path” argument must be of type string. Received type undefined\n at validateString (internal/validators.js:125:11)\n at Object.join (path.js:427:7)\n at C:\Users\mckc\Documents\vuforia-spatial-edge-server-master\vuforia-spatial-edge-server-master\server.js:1856:43\n at Layer.handle [as handle_request] (C:\Users\mckc\Documents\vuforia-spatial-edge-server-master\vuforia-spatial-edge-server-master\node_modules\express\lib\router\layer.js:95:5)\n at next (C:\Users\mckc\Documents\vuforia-spatial-edge-server-master\vuforia-spatial-edge-server-master\node_modules\express\lib\router\route.js:137:13)\n at Route.dispatch (C:\Users\mckc\Documents\vuforia-spatial-edge-server-master\vuforia-spatial-edge-server-master\node_modules\express\lib\router\route.js:112:3)\n at Layer.handle [as handle_request] (C:\Users\mckc\Documents\vuforia-spatial-edge-server-master\vuforia-spatial-edge-server-master\node_modules\express\lib\router\layer.js:95:5)\n at C:\Users\mckc\Documents\vuforia-spatial-edge-server-master\vuforia-spatial-edge-server-master\node_modules\express\lib\router\index.js:281:22\n at param (C:\Users\mckc\Documents\vuforia-spatial-edge-server-master\vuforia-spatial-edge-server-master\node_modules\express\lib\router\index.js:354:14)\n at param (C:\Users\mckc\Documents\vuforia-spatial-edge-server-master\vuforia-spatial-edge-server-master\node_modules\express\lib\router\index.js:365:14)’

Also, including screenshot of webpage.

Hi @mice have you followed the installation steps for the vuforia spatial edge server?

Windows tutorial for server:

remote operator addon:

You need to install the core addon and the remote operator addon in the server.

Hello Valentin,

Thanks for the response. yes I did the same steps. I reinstalled everything and now its working perfectly fine. I am able to see Kinect DK 3D view in localhost:8081.

Perfect! I am happy that it worked for you.

How can I open the same webpage on an Ipad or other device if I am connected with same wifi network. Is there a way to do so ?
So that I can have the live view of Kinect DK on different devices as well within the network.