Hue interface: Light object content does not appear directly

This is a behaviour I noticed both on the Main branch and the Spatial Anchors branch:

When connecting the Hue bridge, Lights are added but are empty : the Lightframe content is not there.
I found myself having to click on the Light name, then toggling On/Off the Hue interface, then refreshing the server page (clicking the “en1” button) to allow the Lightframe to show up. Then, I have to click on the Lightframe (empty), refresh the server page again (“en1” button), and then the Lightframe populates with the switch and brightness nodes when you click on it again.

Then, I’m able to link those to tools on the app.

Thanks for reporting this @ptc-fgermain.

I’m not an expert on the Hue interface (I don’t own any Hue lights so I can’t test at home) but I’ve filed a GitHub issue to track it.