Help with the Hardware Interface


I need help understanding the console output of the console (See screenshot).
I want to show a “1” or a “0” depending on the state of my PLC in a circle using the Spatial Toolbox.

I receive a value from my KepServer IoTGateway running on the same pc as the Edge Server. Checked it with using the


I set all parameters in the “Manage Hardware Interfaces” Tab except the frameName.

Question 1: The tutorial mentions that I have to name a created object the same as written in the index.js file. Why?

Question 2: What is the 4th parameter in the “Manage Hardware Interfaces” Tab called “Reality Object”?

Question 3: See picture. The server seems to find the RLY Tag that I receive from the IoTGateway. But next it cant find the server anymore. Why?

The next step would be to display to content of the message in the console.

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I solved all questions and problems. I see my parameter values in the console.

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