Kepware Traffic Light Demo

Hello Toolbox Team,

I’ve got a PLC connected to Kepware connected to Spatial Toolbox Edge Server, and can see the vales of three of my PLC tags changing on the server; the tags are RedLight, YellowLight and GreenLight.

In the server screenshot, in Frame: 5480PLC1, the index 4,5,6 values change from 0 to 1 every couple seconds in sync with the PLC. I can see nodes for them in the Toolbox app and have the nodes connected/flowing to three out-of-the-box signal tools, (Complete, In-progress, Warning), but the tools don’t appear solid, indicating they’re getting a ‘high’ value.

Any ideas why not?

Thank you,

Update – I deleted the tools and object, cleared the device cache and re-added --not sure what’s different, but it’s working now.

looks super cool!

Hey there is currently a bug in the toolbox regarding the line sizes. Its fixed and should show up in the next toolbox publication.

Thanks @valentin, I’ll look forward to the next update.

Sorry if I was unclear – the issue here was that even when the tools were getting a 1, they were still not activated. After I deleted them, cleared the cache and re-added they work.