Server page rendering issues

running the server for the first time, and connecting to localhost, i get the following page rendering. Browser is chrome. A lot of text is difficult to read due to overlap etc. Is there a specific browser / version i should be using?

likewise, if i browse into the ‘manage hardware interfaces’ page, i see similar -

. Note in this case, i have the kepware interface turned OFF, but i am still being presented with stuff (confiigure tags?) that i’m not interested in.

finally, from a UX issue, there’s a little bit of confusion here on the button states. If there is a button marked ‘OFF’, is this indicating the the action that will be performed when i press that button i.e. will it turn something OFF? Or is it indicating current state, and i must press it to turn something ON. Buttons usually follow the former i.e. the button command describes the action. It would appear here that you use the latter. If these are toggle buttons, is there a toggle button UI construct we could use instead?

It looks like there might be a bug in the library we use to detect network interfaces that’s causing the first issue. I’ll take a look and see if I can reproduce the strange rendering

The issue with long network interface names is fixed in Thanks for reporting it!

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