Spatial computing Innovation Runway

Hi All,

I am trying to learn vuforia spatial toolbox using the tutorials provided in earlier innovation meeting.
I want to download android APK from here
but it is not accessible to me.
Can anyone please help me here?

Hi @skeskar, welcome to the forum!

The link that you provided is for a separate piece of software: the Vuforia Engine SDK. This is the underlying technology that the Vuforia Spatial Toolbox uses for AR tracking, but it is not the Vuforia Spatial Toolbox. All of the Spatial Toolbox downloads are linked on this website:

Unfortunately, the Vuforia Spatial Toolbox app is not yet compatible with Android, so you’ll an iPhone to test it out (for now). We are working on an Android version that you’ll be able to use in the future, but it isn’t available yet.