Tool that runs simply like a browser

Hi all.
I’ve been digging into the project for quite some time now and I was wondering if we could make a tool that runs like a browser, displays a simple webpage, and registers all the clicks correctly. Since all tools are with simple html/javascript/css layouts I think I could make this work, but I’m just not so sure how to make the clicks happen.
For example, here’s a simple tool that displays a VNC interface. The url is displaying neatly, but when I touch it, nothing happens.

The touches went through and I can see all the debugging messages run galore, I guess I have to so something like using an API of the realityInterface to make the touches happen.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

And also I wonder how to make the text input happen.

Here’s a function that I think “might” work but turns out it doesn’t, may it can give some hints to you all.

document.getElementById('container').addEventListener('pointerdown', function(e) {
            document.elementFromPoint(e.x, e.y).click();