Testflight iOS app starts upside down

Installed the Testflight app and every time the app launches, it starts upside down (i.e. the status bar / everything is flipped)

See video here: https://youtu.be/un9mwk1Hzfw

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Thanks for reporting this, @varun_mani! I am able to recreate this, although it’s a bit less noticeable on iPhone than iPad.

The root of this problem is that, for years, the app only ran in one landscape orientation (with the home button on the left, which is the opposite of how many people hold their devices). I made a change within the last few weeks to support the other landscape mode, which I’m guessing is the orientation of your device – but only by flipping the 2D UI, not the entire app (otherwise the camera feed and AR content would be upside-down too). This essentially forces the device into running in a certain orientation, which might be upside down.

I’ll look into solving this in a way that preserves the orientation of the device.

Should this be fixed in the latest TestFlight release? I’m still experiencing this on my iPad.

This is still a known issue – thanks for your patience! We’ll be introducing several improvements to the iPad app in the upcoming weeks. Until then, the app is best experienced on iPhone.

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@jake-ptc … we fixed this issue and iPad support will show up with the next update.

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